November 21, 2019
                                    What is Revelation Blue? It’s a revelation!!!
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                                    With Kingpins Amsterdam and New York behind us, and a whole host of other shows and events still on the horizon, we asked Prosperity Textile’s Creative Director Bart van de Woestyne to give us the low-down on this ZERO aniline, ZERO hydro-sulfite, 72% water saving denim dyeing innovation. Just click play to find out about the year long process that led us to our biggest breakthrough yet from both a dyeing and production perspective.

                                    Sometimes you just have to hack the machines...
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                                    What is Revelation Blue? It's a revelation!!!
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                                    The power of the grin-through, in stretch?
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                                    A future alternative to Indigo by Prosperity
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                                    From reassuring heritage styles to cutting-edge performance blends
                                    Bringing together world's best denim machinery
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                                    With 2 production sites and over 1,900 employees around the world, Prosperity Textile provides global production capabilities back by in-time local customer services.
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