November 18, 2019
                                    The power of the grin-through, in stretch?
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                                    Rigid denim always cheers us up, but a rigid denim with the comfort factor of stretch? … Bart van de Woestyne – Prosperity’s Creative Director – talks us through the power of the “grin through” in rigid denim; the white weft showing through the indigo warp, is a look that’s known the world over. In stretch fabric, it’s tough to capture that same true-denim look – the elastic stretches the warp closed over the weft, and it’s bye bye grin through. What we’ve created is a hybrid fabric – it’s got a little bit of give, for that stretch comfort, and you won’t lose those pearly whites. Now we’re really smiling.

                                    Sometimes you just have to hack the machines...
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                                    The power of the grin-through, in stretch?
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