July 10, 2018
                                    Indigo Heart
                                    Category: Sustainability
                                    Colors, Jade Program, Sustainability

                                    Like many others in the industry, Prosperity is excited by the rise of hydrosulfite-free dyeing. Hydrosulfites are used to break down the large indigo molecule so they can stick better to the cotton. And as we all know, any responsible denim maker wants to get rid of hydrosulfites. This is why we make use of Archroma’s exceptional sulfur-based dyestuffs when we can.

                                    However, from our perspective of creating true denim, any 100% sulfur-dyed fabric takes on a dullish cast after washing. It turns flat, almost dusty. And nothing can completely replace indigo in the way it fades. So we started layering the pre-reduced liquid indigos of DyStar with the sulfur dyes of Archroma in a dyeing process that reduces hydrosulfite use by 80%.

                                    Haze Blue

                                    Our newly introduced Haze Blue is an exciting showcase of what such a process can achieve. A fabric with multiple layers. For example, if after dyeing you apply a short, five-minute rinse to this fabric, you will get a deep, saturated, and rich shade that borders on black. And if you then continue to “peel away” the sulfur layer with a longer rinse wash, you will arrive closer to a more vintage-oriented shade. The indigo heart.


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