October 18, 2019
                                    How do you take your coffee-denim?
                                    Category: Sustainability

                                    How do you take your coffee? White? Black? Or Indigo? When we realised the amount of coffee grounds left after high-street retailers have had their way with the beans, our sustainability muscle kicked in. We wanted to recycle them. And since our minds naturally go to denim first, the mission was clear. Knowing what we know about antimicrobial properties of carbon, we set to work creating a weft polymer we could infuse with the carbonised coffee grounds – meaning not only that those technical properties were brought to life in our denim, but also that the wicking properties of the polymer gave it temperature regulation too. The result: our proprietary Coffee Denim, an unrivalled, true-to-denim answer to the coffee-waste we all take for granted.

                                    Sometimes you just have to hack the machines...
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                                    From reassuring heritage styles to cutting-edge performance blends
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