November 18, 2019
                                    A future alternative to Indigo by Prosperity
                                    Category: Indigo Dyeing
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                                    You can’t expect a fabric with such rich heritage and strong spirit to be easy to change. It’s our respect for the history of denim, plus maybe a slightly masochistic love of trial and error, that drives our experimentation at Prosperity Textile. Our latest challenge: an alternative to indigo dyeing which does not sacrifice that true indigo look. Now wouldn’t that be one of the biggest breakthroughs in denim since stretch? Oh, seems we’ve done it.

                                    Sometimes you just have to hack the machines...
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                                    What is Revelation Blue? It's a revelation!!!
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                                    The power of the grin-through, in stretch?
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                                    A future alternative to Indigo by Prosperity
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                                    From reassuring heritage styles to cutting-edge performance blends
                                    Bringing together world's best denim machinery
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