Re-Invent is Prosperity’s collection of ecologically smart fiber-driven fabrics. For all cases we ask ourselves the same question: “How can we manufacture it in a greener, more sustainable way?”

                                    For example, Prosperity’s proprietary Sweet Indigo technology is used to dye in a cleaner way. Sweet Indigo employs glucose as the reduction agent and thereby making harmful hydrogen sulphites obsolete.

                                    Re-Invent fabrics also make use of cleaner fibers whenever possible.

                                    For example, hemp – locally grown in China without the need for irrigation or pesticides – is featured in Prosperity’s certified 55%-45% hemp-organic cotton blend. In addition, some of our cotton-polyester blends are made with recycled – yet performance-oriented – polyesters such as Repreve? and Sorona? .

                                    Thinking clean does not mean compromising on quality. When we asked ourselves “Can we make stretch in a cleaner way?” we came up with our corn-infused Bio-stretch – arguably the best stretch currently available.

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