Sometimes we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The Heritage is inspired by old school 100% cotton denim: traditional fabric constructions with courser counts, authentic yarn shapes and vintage indigo shades. This is Prosperity going back-to-basics to appeal to rigid denim in the men’s domain, or boyfriend denim in the women’s domain.

                                    The Heritage is rooted in our deep understanding of the past. Original denim was 6 dips, so why elaborate? We stick to 5 to 9 dips and keep it real.

                                    It’s the same with the finishing: we keep it old-fashioned with just three steps and very little water. Quick and clean. Less is more.

                                    While generally keeping it raw and rigid, we can also introduce some rigid stretch. Authentic denims are great, but sometimes they’re even greater with a little bit of give.

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                                    From reassuring heritage styles to cutting-edge performance blends
                                    Bringing together world's best denim machinery
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                                    With 2 production sites and over 1,900 employees around the world, Prosperity Textile provides global production capabilities back by in-time local customer services.
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