Blue Force is Prosperity’s answer to the demand for tough performance denim. It’s about building fabrics that are strong and that protect.

                                    Different fiber technologies are used to create a series of fabrics with outstanding properties. For example, we offer a premium durable denim with Dyneema?, the world’s strongest fiber. Compared to a 100% cotton fabric of the same weight, our fabric using 8% Dyneema? results in 100% better anti-abrasion and 200% increased strength. Also check out the soft hand feel and wonderfully subtle indigo shade of our left-hand twill denim with Dyneema?.

                                    Our nylon 6.6-reinforced denim offers increased abrasion resistance for a very accessible price. With an 80% cotton-20% nylon blend, this fabric is sturdy and has a reassuringly tough feel.

                                    MOD Acrylic is our fire-resistant fabric. This modified cotton-acrylic blend does not employ a coating to protect the wearer. Instead, the advanced fiber technology literally takes the breath away from fire by absorbing the oxygen. The advantage is simple: comfort – a huge benefit in critical working conditions.

                                    All Blue Force fabrics are offered in a range of weights, and in either rigid or stretch varieties.

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                                    From reassuring heritage styles to cutting-edge performance blends
                                    Bringing together world's best denim machinery
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                                    With 2 production sites and over 1,900 employees around the world, Prosperity Textile provides global production capabilities back by in-time local customer services.
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