Coffee Denim arose out of Prosperity’s R&D team wanting to create a denim that regulates body temperature. The resulting cost-neutral recycled denim also came with additional benefits: 85% UV protection and anti-odor properties.

                                    During the spinning extrusion process, carbonised recycled coffee grinds are infused into a polyester fiber. These fibers are then used for the weft of the fabric (the warp remains cotton to make it a true denim) so they come to lie directly on the skin. In this way you get the best temperature regulating performance from the fabric – keeping the heat in when necessary, but also wicking out moisture when you sweat. And with less sweat: fewer odors.

                                    While this technology has already been used in active and athleisure wears, Prosperity was the first to apply it to denim by working closely with a coffee carbonising company (who, indeed, get a lot of their used coffee grounds from Starbucks). With these inexpensive raw materials, the resulting denim remains remarkably low-cost – especially considering its remarkable properties.

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